Zero Tolerance Policy towards SPAMMING and Un-Solicited Emailing is what we practice.

We do not tolerate spam. We will terminate our client’s accounts, if we become aware that they are spamming. If you suspect that any of our client’s is spamming, please contact us at

ISPs and Blacklist administrators can also contact us at If you do receive unsolicited email from our platform, please click the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email

The Policy

In addition to agreeing with our Terms and Conditions, allowable use of bulkemailmarketing includes the sending of recipient solicited graphical newsletters, brochures, promotions, invitations, press releases, product launches and other email campaigns that keep registered customers or members informed.

We do not allow Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE - also known as spam). If the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate permission to receive the email, it will be classified as UCE or UBE. Verifiably granted deliberate permission is (1) written or email proof that the recipient has asked to receive the mailing; (2) electronic proof such as a time/date stamp and originating IP address demonstrating that the recipient did agree to receive such email.

 So to clarify, this means you can send to anyone who has opted in to your list via your website, offline or via a co-registration site. You can send on behalf of your customers, if their lists are opted in via their website, offline or via a co-registration site.

And to clarify, what is NOT allowed:

  • Emails harvested from websites using any email harvesting tools or otherwise
  • Email lists purchased from a 3rd party
  • Email Lists leased or rented from a 3rd party
  • Email lists that belong to another organization (like a chamber of commerce or a club)
  • Any unsolicited list even if it is a press release to reporters, prospective customers, prospective voters or potential employers or anyone who has not given you permission to send to them.
  • Sending emails to discussion groups

Policy enforcement - what we do to eliminate spam

We reserve the right to monitor all imported lists. This monitoring may include an audit of a client’s lists where we at a minimum will request: list source, list age, list collection and confirmation policies.

 All users must explicitly certify that their lists consist of 100% certifiable opt-in email addresses. Inability to supply such proof upon request, will result in account termination.

We monitor the content of client’s emails and flags messages that have content commonly used in unsolicited emails. A match on a send may result in a send being held in queue, until support is able to contact the sender.

We  maintains IP address and date subscribed for every new subscriber that come through subscription processes we manage.

 A unsubscribe and abuse link is annexed by us to the footer of every outgoing email. Any efforts to disable this link will result in an immediate suspension of the account.

If a client is found to be using our system to send Unsolicited Email, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the client’s account without recourse to refund.

We invite the greater Internet community to provide us with feedback about our client’s use of GraphicMail by contacting us at

Complaints Procedure

If we suspect that your account has been used for sending spam or unsolicited bulk emails, your account’s sending privileges will be temporarily suspended. To determine whether or not you have sent spam, we will:

  • Review the content of the email in question
  • Review your list for patterns common to harvested lists
  • Review the complaint
  • Review the optin proof for the email address in question

If we determine, that you did indeed spam, then your account will be suspended without recourse to refund.

 If we determine, that the complaint was a false-positive (someone who subscribed, but has forgotten that they have subscribed), then we will liaise with both you and the complainant for proper resolution. Upon proper resolution, sending privileges on your account will be reinstated.

ISP and Blacklist relationships

 We share information regarding our policies and practices with ISPs ad Blacklist administrators and are always keen to discuss possible improvements to reduce messaging abuse. If you are an ISP, mail or blacklist administrator and would like to speak to us, please email